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We use articles by freelance writers working on assignment.  

We welcome your queries and story ideas.  A query should go beyond the story topic and should outline the scope of the story as well as resources to be used. Queries should be sent via e-mail to:
Kaeth Gauthier, Editor

We prefer a query rather than a finished manuscript because we are looking for a specific style and approach to stories.  We are not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts.

Writing Style
We want stories written in a style that is witty, informative and smart.  Our goal is to educate and entertain readers.  We expect thorough research on a topic.

Recreational culture, destinations, food, entertainment and park activities.

Each article must include detailed contact information for the subject individual or business (include name, address, phone number, email and web address).  Include permissions granted to use text, graphics, and/or photos from web.  Attributions for cited material such as web text, photos and graphics must also be included.

As assigned - Departments typically 250-500 words, Features 500-1000 words, Covers 1500-2000 words.

As assigned -  approximately two months ahead of production.

Five cents per word.  Word count is based on the final, edited copy that appears in the magazine.  Payment is made after PML Publishing confirms the assignment and layout.  PML Publishing will send the writer two (2) copies of any print material where the article appears. 

By submitting an article for consideration, the author accepts the terms of the agreement and certifies that the submitted material is their original work (unless expressly noted).

Upon receipt, PML Publishing will decide within sixty (60) days to either accept or reject the submitted material.  PML Publishing and its editors reserve the right to change or edit the content of any submitted article prior to or after acceptance.  Changes made to material are non-negotiable.

PML Publishing retains the right to reprint accepted articles in a printed publication or on a PML web site for one (1) year.  If the article subsequently appears in print in another PML publication, PML Publishing will pay the writer an additional fee of half the original pay rate.  No additional payment will be made for web site use.  

 The writer may re-sell any article to another publication, provided they inform prospective buyers that the article originally appeared in a PML publication. 

 The writer may post their article on their personal website or professional online portfolio, provided attribution is correctly made informing viewers that the piece originally appeared in a PML publication (including magazine title, date, and issue number).

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