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"I have reviewed the Magazines you sent plus your website and am quite impressed; I plan on advertising."

"It is so nice to find your publication."

"You folks have a wonderful operation going and are providing a great service to the park model industry. I have been telling all the Locations we are contacting about your new venture and they seem excited to hear about it."
Katy Costa
North Park Manufacturing

Wow!  There is obviously a strong debate about whether we can live in our Park Model year-round.  We have lived in a park in Arizona for five years and there are many people here full time.  Maybe we are “under the radar” and I hope to stay there.  This size is ideal and I don’t miss my larger home in Michigan.  I can clean the house with minimal effort and we have great friends and activities here.  I plan to stay full time until someone insists that I leave.
Maggie L.

Thanks for the article, “Picking the Right Model.”  There are no dealers or manufacturers close to us.  We had already planned a trip to the Outer Banks and used your on-line directory to find dealers there.  We visited Crisp RV Center in North Carolina.  The people there were delightful and we learned a lot about Park Models.  I followed your advice to take my time and sat in one for awhile and read.  We will be in Florida for a month in January and will use your directory again to find a place that will rent us a Park Model.  I love that we can try these for a short time before we buy one. 
Claire B.
West Virginia

Your cover photo of Turtle Rock in Oregon is lovely and reminded me of a trip my family took there years ago.  My sister, Gwen, and I played in the water, built sand castles and made up stories about the selkies (seals) that we imagined lived there.  Our parents had to work very hard to get us out of the water and back to our rented rooms.  After I saw your magazine I called Gwen and we are planning a trip to Oregon with our children.  Enclosed is my check to send a copy of that issue to Gwen so she can enjoy the photos too.
Barb K.

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